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Find out about all our member & non-member events hosted at our indoor range!


Ready to win some spooktacular prizes including shop vouchers & training vouchers at Ihawu Firearm Centre Halloween Shoot this Saturday 30th October 2021!

All entry money will go towards prizes for the different divisions.

*Spot prizes on the day include shop vouchers & training vouchers.

Entry Fee: R30.00 per target (3 shots per target) enter as many times as you want 

Non-members welcome!

Truvelo ar15
rifle demo

Tuvelo is a South African based company that is renowned for their sniper rifles (.308Win, .338LM & .50BMG as well as the 14.5×114mm anti-material rifle)

Join Charl from Truvelo at Ihawu Firearm Centre on the 11th of November as he gives a talk on their weapons, as well as brings along some demo models for you to shoot on our range

*Models will be available in 5.56X45mm, 7.62X39mm, 300AAC (300 Blackout)

Launch specials will be available on the night.

Entry Fee: FREE. No bookings required.

Non-members welcome!

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